AI and AR Supported
Well-Being App

Well-being mobile app that analyzes users health
behaviors with artificial intelligence (AI) and displays
their health status and recommendations
through augmented reality (AR).

Answer the Questions To Analyze Your Systems

All you need to do is answer some questions about your daily lifestyle. Based on these questions, we will give you information about the status and scores of systems.

Improve Your Health With Challenges

You can perform personalized weekly challenges provided by Mandarin AI to improve your system scores. Keep track of your health by updating your challenges every day.

See your 3D organ model

Visualize the status of your systems in augmented reality
scene through Mandarin AR app to grasp the analysis
results in a much more realistic way

Track your health

You can track your active challenges every day and update challenge parameters, By this way you can improve your overall well-being 

Increase your score

As you improve your daily lifestyle and complete challenges, your system scores will improve. As you progress, your mandarin health score will also increase.

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Our application will be out by the end of 2020 for both iOS and Android.  Follow the link here to get early notification when the app is out.

First, we’ll ask you a series of questions about your daily habits (e.g. daily step count) and physical information (e.g. height).  After answering all the questions, Mandarin AI will assess your lifestyle and present your system scores.  

After getting your system scores, you can start weekly challenges to improve your Mandarin score and system scores.

System scores are representative of the health status of your different systems. Mandarin score represents your overall progression in the app and you can increase it with completing weekly challenges.

Challenges aim to give you goals for increasing or decreasing your different habits in an effort to increase your system scores.   Which habits will be included in your weekly challenge is determined by our AI according to the system you choose and your score increase aim.  An example challenge for increasing your circulatory system score could be increasing your daily steps from 3000 to 5000 and decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke daily from 8 to 4.

  1. Circulatory System
  2. Cognitive System
  3. Nutrition Wellness
  4. Respiratory System
  5. Activity Score
  6. Urinary System 
  7. Body Fat Score
  8. Oral and Dental Health 
  9. Skin health 

You’ll need to answer all of the questions every time you want to analyze your systems.  

You’ll need to answer the questions related to your challenge every day during the challenge week.

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