Mandarin Health is the combination of data-based analysis and comprehensive visualization of well-being.

We’re working to help people have healthier lives.

Our Story

Ali set out to find out how much his daily habits effected his overall wellness and how to improve the wellness of his specific body systems.   

He discovered that there wasn’t a service offering convenient and appropriate information for his questions.  We took this as a starting point and initiated developing a mobile application for this purpose.

Our main focus of development was providing convenient and scientifically accurate information for users. 

Aligned with our focus, we worked alongside healthcare professionals and institutes to develop and verify our analysis techniques.

Now we present you Mandarin Health, a convenient and accurate AI-based mobile app. Anyone can download it from their phone whenever they want. 

10 systems fitted into your pocket!

Today, thanks to Mandarin Health, you can view the status of 10 different body systems with a single phone, personally update your health status every day and share it with your friends. 


We exist to help people take control of their health. How? By combining science with breakthrough technologies and incredible people to tackle the global epidemic of lifestyle diseases once and for all. 


We aim to make the best use of artificial intelligence and we’re dedicated to improve our mobile health application that adapts and responds to the individual needs and conditions of users. 

We envision a not too distant day when all users will be able to supplement or replace their standard maintenance routines with our market-leading digital solutions.

Team Culture

We want to create an environment where talented people could do their best work and improve people’s lives. These are the values we live by.


Focus On The Impact

We’re a small team with limited resources & huge aspirations. That only works if we do important things. That means each day is an act of prioritization and most importantly, getting stuff done.

Do The Right Thing

We’re trying to solve a global problem with no easy solution. We expect everyone that joins us to be on board with that & understand the context of why we do what we do.

Keep Growing

We believe your only barrier is the one that you set yourself. We want people to have a thirst for knowledge and self-development. Those who believe that in the future, they can be better. 

Data & Consumer Is Our Guide

We’re dedicated to prioritize customer needs and scientific data in our work.  We’ve created a team around those principles.

Change Empowers Success

Growing companies have a lot of uncertainty and many course corrections. That can be exciting, empowering, but above all, stressful. Recognizing this and being comfortable with it is a key part of being successful for us.

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