Often there are times when you don’t feel physically well or fit, and you feel like something needs to change in your life. Hiking has many unknown benefits for a fit and healthy body, and traveling with a backpack is a way to discover new places. 

Also, hiking has a lot more benefits than good exercise. Especially in these months when the coronavirus is high, you can easily increase your body’s immune system by hiking in the open area away from people. 

Physical Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is good for the heart

Light walks increase your heart rate, which helps to improve aerobic fitness and endurance. Over time, your heart rhythm gets used to your fitness levels and you can take more and faster walks before you run out of breath.

In particular, you can reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels considerably with hiking.  You can reduce glucose levels. 

Improves balance

When you walk, the muscles you work over time develop and balance. But it not only balances your physical muscles but also helps mentally with your movements and body position. It is very beneficial in the development of proprioception.

As you continue hiking, the brain gets used to obstacles and responds more skillfully and balanced. Especially good balance is most evident when you get older. Trekking is one of the easy ways to improve this feature.

Provides muscle buildup

In hiking, you work not only on the legs but also on the muscle groups in the arms and back. It is one of the best sports for training large muscle groups. You can also use trekking sticks to further develop your arm and back muscles.

Helps you build muscle 

Hiking is a great way to lose weight. Moreover, when you connect it to exercise, you start absorbing calories and you can see the result immediately. The average running time per week is 2.5 hours. If the time comes to you too long, take a hike by listening to a podcast, and this time you may not notice how quickly the clock passes

Mental Benefits of Hiking

Relieves stress, relaxes the mind

The big cities we live in are usually the ones where we are intertwined with concrete structures with crowded and intense noise. It is normal to have chronic illnesses and stress diseases because life in big cities is quite stressful and it is normal to have chronic illnesses and stress diseases because life in the city is fast and you need to be fast to keep up with it. Being slow causes you to fall behind and slow down.

Hiking is one of the best ways to reduce stress and is suitable for all ages. Research also seems to be very beneficial to the mind, walking in nature and spending time in the forest

Helps you get away from technology

It is true that we are increasingly addicted to technology, even connecting to the day with our phone. I invite you to a trek to get away with technology at once.

Especially the addiction that comes with social media can physically damage our gait and mind. Even a 1-hour reset seems beneficial in many ways.

Improves self confidence

You may feel unhappy when you do hard work and fail, or people come across problems many times during the day. Naturally, this can be annoying sometimes. Sometimes, setting easy goals for yourself can easily make you happy and regain your self-confidence. Trekking is one of them. All you have to do is just move around a little bit.

A study conducted in 2010 found that a 5-minute outdoor exercise would be beneficial for human self confidence. Walking allows you to feel stronger, more capable, independent and ready for the challenges in life.

Improves your sleep 

Research has proven this, although I was very surprised when I first heard about it. Regular exercise contributes greatly to sleep patterns. Researchers have shown that it relaxes and relaxes the body and mind, resulting in a better sleep.


In addition, natural light outside has a great effect on the sleep hormone. In his book Sleep Smarter, Shawn Stevenson states that getting into the morning sunlight is very important for the nighttime melatonin hormone. 

Any time you spend in nature is good for the soul. While science certainly supports this, the best evidence is how you feel at the end of your walk: a smile on your face, fatigue in your limbs, and regeneration after a great day out.



İsmail Poyraz

Marketing Lead

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