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Start Running Today! A step-by-step guide for creating a running routine.

Running is a sport that has substantial benefits with almost no equipment requirements.  Benefits of running range from increased metabolism to better mental health.  Although the benefits and convenience of running is obvious, you may still be having a hard time to start a running routine.  So we decided to give you a step-by step

Benefits of Hiking for Health and Well-Being

Often there are times when you don’t feel physically well or fit, and you feel like something needs to change in your life. Hiking has many unknown benefits for a fit and healthy body, and traveling with a backpack is a way to discover new places.  Also, hiking has a lot more benefits than good

These Simple Tips Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

This year should be your year, so set your New Year’s resolutions and stick with them all the way!   Creating New Year’s resolutions might feel like setting yourself up for failure but these simple tips will make achieving those resolutions much easier.   Let’s start whether you should set a New Year’s resolution or not. 

7 Easy Tips for a Healthier Life in 2021

Do you see the new year with yourself as a new beginning for your health? Avoiding bad habits, adopting an active lifestyle, eating healthy and most importantly, being able to control stress are among the essentials of a healthy life. If you want to implement the New Year’s resolutions, here are the simple but healthy

Importance of Sports Nutrition: Level your game up with food!

Currently, everyone has either started exercising but left, exercise regularly, or has put exercising in a definite plan. If you are engaged in sports or you are going to start sports, we will have some advice for you. One of the biggest factors is nutrition so that you can make exercising more effective for your

9 Tips for Sticking to an Exercise Routine

Not being able to start an exercise plan or not sticking to a plan you started is one of the most common troubles.  Our Instagram post this week featured this issue. In this blog post we’ll extend on that post and give you more detailed tips on how to start and stick to an exercise

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