“The game is very exciting right now. You don’t give a break or even eat something unless you pass the level. For long hours you are sitting in the same position and using a mouse, keyboard, and game controller. You are using the same fingers all time for only one direction. Now you started to feel pain in your wrist and fingers even you could see little swellings.”

Is this scenario familiar to you? We are mentioning hand & wrist and eye muscle exercises for gamers in this post. We are using our thumbs and index fingers for long hours while playing with a game controller nonstop. While we’re using a keyboard for a game, our wrists were exposed to a huge amount of pressure. And these lead to our hand muscles deforms. If we pay no attention to this, this pain can grow and it can badly affect our daily life. But we can reduce this pain with easy gamer exercises.

These exercises can even improve our game experiences. Before you start playing a game, with these warm-up movements you can experience more quality game time.

1. Opposite finger taps

Perform with both hands:

2. Palms together, finger separation

3. Wrist and finger exercise for tendinitis

Repeat for 5 sets

4. Wrist flexion

5. Near-to-far focus for eyes

6. Eight tracing

Although it may seem forceful to do these exercises at first, you will see their benefits after a while. Although the games are fun, immersive and your character is very valuable to you, be sure to mind your health.


Ayşenur Şeyda Bilgü

AR Team member

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