Well-being at home is a big deal during these pandemic days. Especially, if you are doing your everyday tasks at home. With the connection which keeps expanding everyday around the world, people are joining online lectures, business meetings or even socializing with their friends. If you want to improve your well-being at online meetings you can check our previous blog: 7 Mental Well-Being Exercises for Online Meetings.

Most of the people will feel stuck if they can’t have a chance to go outside. Believe it or not,well-being is one of the keys which lead you to get away from drawbacks of quarantine. 

First of all we can split well-being into two titles, mental and physical… Both are very important. Let us start with mental well being tips.

1. Find a hobby

Did you notice that everyone is trying new things such as fine arts or crafts. If you are not one of them we recommend you to get a hobby to spend your time better. Do not be afraid of trying new things. One of the things I noticed around my friends or colleagues is that they condition themselves with excuses like “Uh, I don’t know how to draw.” or “I have a terrible rhythm sense.” I don’t believe these excuses. I think everyone can do everything. Watch Youtube tutorials to improve your hobbies. As humans we have a lot of options to create something. These could be writing articles or poems, playing instruments, drawing,cooking,sculpture, or even creating reels for Instagram. But you don’t have to create something. You could watch good tv series and movies, read books about your interests, listen to podcasts and music…

2. Socialize Distantly

If you feel alone, socialize with anyone you want. Try to spend time with your family or homemates. Call your friend that you haven’t seen for a long time. Surprise your friend in a group with an online birthday party. Noticing that everyone is so bored at home will decrease your suffering or checking their activities will influence you and keep updated.

3. Meditate

Meditation is one of the highly recommended things around successful people. To be truthful, I am not a big fan of meditation. But this could purify your mind from bad things. Try to think nothing for about 15 minutes and just focus on your breathing will clear your mind and make you feel comfortable. There should be good meditation apps to get this habit. There are a lot of blogs around the internet to learn the philosophy behind meditating. As a beginner I don’t want to mislead you.

4. Yoga

Yoga is both for mental and physical well-being. Benefits of yoga are countless…  It will improve your body strength and stamina. Increase your blood circulation,posture and flexibility. Regularizes breathing. Good for your spine and healing. Also makes your skin flawless. Isn’t it awesome enough to start? With 20 minutes a day you can get all of these benefits.  Everyone should do yoga.

5. Perform physical activity

Also there are a lot of exercises to do at home. You don’t need equipment to start this. You could turn anything into a dumbbell such as 5 filled liters of plastic bottles. Pushups, crunch, squats and plank are the most popular bodyweight exercises. For example, I bought the cheapest pull-up bar to do exercise. We had to spend our energy which we get from eating. After the pandemic everyone’s average step count is decreased a lot. This may ruin your sleep cycle.  

6. Avoid bad habits

You should try to avoid your bad habits and turn into good ones. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol will improve your health and well-being. Try to snack something or eat fruits when you want to smoke or drink non-alcohol cocktails will help you to get this. Benefits of quitting smoking are fresh breathing, smelling better and decreasing heart attack risk. Also they are so expensive and help you to save your money. Isn’t it win-win?

7. Take care of your workspace

Working online requires spending a lot of time across the screen. Change your chair with a good one or get an attachment to support your back. Also there are eye-caring modes of screens. If this is not enough you could get eye-caring screen glasses to protect your eyes.

8. Download Mandarin Health

Downloading the Mandarin Health from the Playstore will improve your well-being instantly. Our app will create you customized tips to improve your overall well-being. Go check your systems scores with 20 quick questions and start improving  today

These will be quick tips to improve your well being at home. Thanks for reading. Stay hydrated and updated!


Melih Mavi

Graphic Designer

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